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Anatoly Karpov mini biography

Anatoly Karpov biography Anatoly Karpov was born may 23, 1951, Zlatoust, Russia. Karpov is a former Soviet chess grandmaster, former World Chess Champion, and politician. A more extensive biography of Anatoly Karpov is here. last updated October 2022

Bobby Fischer mini biography

Bobby Fischer biography Bobby Fischer was born on march 9, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Died: January 17, 2008, Landspitalinn University Hospital, Reykjavik, Iceland. You can find a more extensive biography of Bobby Fischer here. Bobby Fischer Against The World last updated September 2022

Mikhail Botvinnik mini biography

Mikhail Botvinnik biography Mikhail Botvinnik was born on August 17, 1911, in Russia. Botvinnik died on May 5, 1995 A more extensive biography of Mikhail Botvinnik is here. last updated September 2022

Boris Spassky mini biography

Boris Spassky biography Boris Spassky was born on January 30, 1937, in Leningrad, Russia. You will find a more extensive  biography of Boris Spassky here. last updated September 2022

Rashid Nezhmetdinov biography

Rashid Nezhmetdinov biography Rashid Nezhmetdinov was born on December 15, 1912, in Aktyubinsk, Russia, then part of the Russian Empire, now known as Aqtöbe, in Kazakhstan. Rashid was from a poor peasant family of Tatar ethnicity. Orphaned when very young, he moved to Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan at a young age under the care of his brother, and it was there that he learned chess by watching local games despite living for some time in great hardship. He also became a renowned checkers (draughts) player, but it was chess that he turned to after leaving military service after the end of World War II. Notwithstanding this, when the 1949 Russian Checkers Semifinals were held in Kazan, Nezhmetdinov agreed to substitute for a player who didn't show up even though he hadn't played checkers for 15 years. He finished 12/16 without losing a game, earning the title of Soviet Master of Checkers. This also qualified him for the finals, where he finished 2nd. Nezhmetdinov's partici

Bent Larsen biography

GM Bent Larsen biography Bent Larsen was born in Thisted, Denmark, on March 4, 1935. Read a more extensive  biography of Bent Larsen here. last updated October 2022