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Andrea Corr biography 2022

  Andrea Corr biography The lead singer of The Corrs, Andrea Corr - the youngest of The Corrs, she is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up with her elder sisters, Sharon and Caroline, and brother Jim, Andrea Corr has always loved music.  As her siblings were all learning to play their selected instruments, Andrea decided to have a go and learned to play the tin whistle. Andrea knew the tin whistle and became very good at it. Andrea never let her learning of the tin whistle get into her schoolwork. She was the brainiest of all four Corrs and always had special reports at the end of the school year. While growing up, Andrea would listen to music such as Prince, and once her father, Gerry, saw that she had a Prince CD with Prince naked on it, he confiscated it. When Andrea Corr was 16, The Corrs formed themselves into a band, and Andrea sang lead vocals and played tin whistle. When they met their manager, John Hughes, Andrea got a small part in the excellent film, The Commitments. This

Jennifer Lopez biography 2022

Jennifer Lopez biography Jennifer Lopez is born July 24, 1970, in Bronx, New York, USA. The daughter of David, a computer programmer, and Guadalupe, a kindergarten teacher, always dreamed of becoming a performer. Talented in singing and dancing, Jennifer began performing in stage musicals, dancing in a European tour of Golden Musicals of Broadway, a Japanese time of Synchronicity, and local productions of Oklahoma and Jesus Christ Superstar. She would get more recognition when she was cast as one of the "Fly Girl" dancers on FOX's In Living Color. What she really wanted to do was an act, but she stuck with In Living Color for a short while on the advice of producer Keenan Ivory Wayans. Jim Carrey wasn't the only star in the making of In Living Color; Miss Lopez had not yet arrived at the scene. Jennifer Lopez's "Fly Girl" role led to more parts on the small screen. She landed a recurring role on FOX's short-lived series South Central after one of her

Shania Twain biography 2022

Shania Twain biography Shania Twain was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, on the 28th of August 1965. Then she was known as Eilleen Regina Edwards. A few years later, her parents Clarence and Sharon, divorced. She took the children up the north to Timmins, Ontario, where she would marry a Native Canadian named Jerry Twain; he adopted Eilleen and her two sisters, Jill and Carrie Ann. After they married, they had two more children, first Mark, then Darryl. The family grew up in relative poverty and her mother, Sharon, was often depressed. Sometimes they would join the local native reservation to hunt for food, usually in the winter months when no work and no money was coming in. They often ate things that her friends and schoolmates didn't dream of eating. But they would have starved if they didn't eat stuff like deer and partridge. And in Redbook magazine in 1999, She Twain talked about what it was like back then, "Most kids feel inferior if they don't have the right je

Sophie Ellis Bextor biography 2022

Sophie Ellis Bextor biography Sophie Ellis Bextor was born on April 10, 1979, in Hounslow, UK. She thinks of her music as a bit like a courtship. Sophie considers her debut solo album, 2001's Read My Lips, the first few dates. We have permission to move in with its successor, Shoot From The Hip. Have we even been up for coffee yet?  On signing to Polydor later in 2000, Sophie set to work on what would become Read My Lips. 'Take Me Home" was an instant hit in 2001's summer months, while the second single,' Murder On The Dancefloor,' hit number two in December 2001, stayed at the Top40 for ages and became 2002's most played song in European radio. 'Get Over You was another Top5 hit 6 months later, and by the end of the year, ' Music Gets The Best Of Me' became her fourth hit single. last updated October 2022

Caroline Henderson biography 2022

Caroline Henderson biography Caroline Henderson was born on 28 February 1962 in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and an American father. She moved to Copenhagen in 1983. Henderson made her national breakthrough when she was launched with Ray Dee Ohh and musicians from bands such as Tøsedrengene, Halberg Larsen Band, Thomas Helmig Band, and Sneakers. Ray Dee Ohh's hallmarks were Danish-language pop fans. Caroline Henderson then switched sides and released the remarkable solo debut 'Cinemataztic' in 1995. The album was created over two years, collaborating with producers and multi-instrumentalists Thomas Blachman and Kasper Winding. And became as critically acclaimed as it became a hit among record buyers. The culmination came at the 1995 Grammy Awards, where Henderson almost cleared the table. The sequel 'Metamorphing' (1998) did not reach quite the same heights, neither musically nor in terms of popularity, and the same was true of the sequel 'Dolores J - The Butte