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Mia Skadhauge Stevn

 On the 7th of February, Mia Skadhauge Stevn, was reported missing. Mia was a hard-working nurse student. She was described as a friendly, woman who wanted people to do good in life. In February 2022, she was having a night out with friends on the weekend, when everything took a turn for the worse. 38-year-old Thomas Thomsen sentenced to custody for murder, attempted rape and dismemberment.

Tom Fassbender biography 2022

Tom Fassbender biography Tom Fassbender was a Special Agent for the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI). In 2005 he became the lead investigator in the investigation of Steven Avery alongside Calumet County's Mark Wiegert. However, lawyers defending Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey have questioned the validity of the confession, claiming that Fassbender took advantage of Dassey's low intelligence. In his interview with Dateline, Fassbender will defend the means through which he acquired a confession from then 16-year-old Brendan Dassey. "We didn't try to manipulate Brendan. We just tried to get at the truth. And I don't believe it was a false confession." last updated September 2022

Mark Wiegert biography 2022

Mark Wiegert biography Mark Wiegert was employed by Calumet County Sheriff's Department during the 2005 investigation of Steven Avery . He was a co-lead investigator with DCI Special Agent Tom Fassbender. Wisconsin's Worst Sheriff Retiring, Mark Wiegert Tricked Brendan Dassey; Illegally Destroyed Evidence. last updated October 2022

Dave Remiker biography 2022

Dave Remiker biography Dave Remiker was one of a handful of sheriff's detectives from Manitowoc County whose actions were heavily scrutinized by Steven Avery 's defense lawyers, Dean Strang and Jerome Buting. They had built their defense on the premise that Avery was innocent of the Halbach murder and that Manitowoc County Sheriff's planted blood and other clues against him. last updated October 2022