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Andrea Corr biography

The lead singer of The Corrs, Andrea Corr - the youngest of The Corrs, she is a force to be reckoned with. Growing up with her elder sisters, Sharon and Caroline, and brother Jim, Andrea Corr has always loved music. 

As her siblings were all learning to play their selected instruments, Andrea decided to have a go and learned to play the tin whistle. Andrea knew the tin whistle and became very good at it. Andrea never let her learning of the tin whistle get into her schoolwork.

She was the brainiest of all four Corrs and always had special reports at the end of the school year. While growing up, Andrea would listen to music such as Prince, and once her father, Gerry, saw that she had a Prince CD with Prince naked on it, he confiscated it.

When Andrea Corr was 16, The Corrs formed themselves into a band, and Andrea sang lead vocals and played tin whistle. When they met their manager, John Hughes, Andrea got a small part in the excellent film, The Commitments. This role would later give Andrea a role alongside Madonna in Evita. While The Corrs were making music and showing themselves to record companies, Andrea was always in top form. Her lyrics are still getting better.

Her voice became more powerful and is fantastic. And her tin whistle playing just got better.

Andrea Corr has some bad habits, but the most noticeable is her thumb-sucking. Andrea sees nothing wrong with this, and we agree. But once in America in 1998, someone went up to John Hughes and said that Andrea should get some therapy for her thumb sucking.

On stage, Andrea gives her all. She is just a girl running around barefoot and singing passionately. Andrea can leave an audience spellbound and speechless after her performances. During a concert, Andrea is bound to make at least one mistake. From tripping over a wire to forgetting to introduce the band, there is no stopping this girl from making a mistake.

Corr is single but is often linked with someone in tabloids. From Robbie Williams to Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals, there is no stopping the press when making up stupid stories. But Andrea is a strong woman and takes all these rumors in her stride. She is known to laugh them off, and there is no better way to do it.

I think we can all agree that Andrea Corr is one heck of a woman. She is superb, from her incredible stage antics to her amazing lyrics and tin whistle playing. I think, ladies and gentlemen, there is much more to come from the extraordinary woman.

last updated October 2022

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