Camilla Martin biography 2022

Badminton player Camilla Martin

Camilla Martin biography

Fighting spirit and hard to beat

Camilla Martin is well known to the world of badminton fans for being a strong-minded player from Denmark. As a role model and a model back home, she has been the only European player able to compete with top Chinese players for years. Camilla grabbed a world title in 1999 in front of a home crowd and was runner-up in the Olympic games in Sydney.

Camilla Martin has been under even more pressure as she had to battle with more talented Chinese players in the draws. And the Chinese will likely adapt their game to conquer their only real opponent at this stage, making it even harder for her.

Her game of touch and cleverness around the court is highly effective against any opponent. Still, the Chinese girls are getting better at reading her deceptive drops - her primary weapon and finesse at net play.

She is also known throughout the badminton circuit as mentally tough and does not give up a fight quickly, no matter what. Last year's final of the Korean Open demonstrated that she could come back and win after trailing 1/10 in the third and final game to Kim of Korea.

Kudos to top players like Camilla, whose indomitable fighting spirit will surely be felt for many years.


Birth date 23rd March 1974

Birthplace: Frederiksberg, Denmark

Height: 1.74 m

Nationality: Danish

Living in: Copenhagen

Started badminton at the age of 6 years old

Left/right-hander: Right-hander

Type of play: Women's single

Club: Gentofte

World ranking (best): 1st

Other interests: Reading, going out, movies.

Best performances:

World Champion 99

Runner up Sydney Olympics 2000

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