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Model Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra biography

Carmen Electra was born in Cincinnati on April 20, 1972.

Of course, Carmen Electra was Tara Leigh Patrick, a little girl growing up in White Oak, Ohio, USA.

Carmen was selected for the School for Creative and Performing Arts at nine. While Electra was there, she took singing lessons, and by her teenage years, Carmen Electra was dancing in musicals and doing her own choreographing for the school's theater ensemble. 

Her goal was to eventually make it out to Los Angeles and get a record deal, and at age fifteen, Carmen took her first big step.

Carmen Electra moved to Minneapolis to stay with her sister and half-sister and earned money acting as a model for the Target department stores. Four years later, Electra packed up shop and moved to Los Angeles.

Changed her name to Carmen Electra, and one week later, Carmen met the artist formerly known as Prince.

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