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Singer Caroline Henderson

Caroline Henderson biography

Caroline Henderson was born on 28 February 1962 in Stockholm to a Swedish mother and an American father.

She moved to Copenhagen in 1983. Henderson made her national breakthrough when she was launched with Ray Dee Ohh and musicians from bands such as Tøsedrengene, Halberg Larsen Band, Thomas Helmig Band, and Sneakers. Ray Dee Ohh's hallmarks were Danish-language pop fans.

Caroline Henderson then switched sides and released the remarkable solo debut 'Cinemataztic' in 1995. The album was created over two years, collaborating with producers and multi-instrumentalists Thomas Blachman and Kasper Winding. And became as critically acclaimed as it became a hit among record buyers.

The culmination came at the 1995 Grammy Awards, where Henderson almost cleared the table.

The sequel 'Metamorphing' (1998) did not reach quite the same heights, neither musically nor in terms of popularity, and the same was true of the sequel 'Dolores J - The Butterfly' (2000) with cover versions of old disco numbers.

In 2002, Caroline Henderson returned with 'Naos,' an album of newly written songs by herself in collaboration with multi-artist Martin Hall.

Caroline Henderson discography


'Cinemataztic' (1995)

'Metamorphing' (1998)

'Dolores J - The Butterfly' (2000)

'Naos' (2002)

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