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Actor Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford biography

Harrison Ford was born July 13, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

 A well-established superstar with significant roles in some of the biggest movie successes ever - the Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies.

Harrison Ford gave up his livelihood as an actor after a few roles and instead trained as a carpenter. He starred in George Lucas' American Graffiti in a minor supporting role, which led to one of two well-known and beloved characters - the role of Han Solo in Star Wars.

The film series' success was of galactic dimensions, and Ford acquired the lead role in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and the subsequent Indiana Jones films. 

In addition to the self-deprecating action heroes, Harrison Ford has played more serious roles in, for example, Peter Weir's Witness (1985) and Regarding Henry (1991), and he successfully combined these two types in the film the old TV series The Fugitive (1993).

Harrison Ford also starred in Ridley Scott's cult film Blade Runner (1982) and Roman Polanski's stylish crime drama Frantic (1988), as well as in the two popular thrillers Patriot Games (1992) and Clear and Present Danger (1994) after Tom Clancy's bestsellers.

Harrison Ford's later films include the action film Air Force One (1997), the romantic drama Random Hearts (1999), the thriller What Lies Beneath (2000), the drama Crossing Over (2009), and the comedy Morning Glory (2010).

The respected and charming star recently returned to the sci-fi genre with roles in Cowboys and Aliens and Enders Game, respectively.

Overall, Ford's films have earned more than any other actor's.

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