Lykke May Andersen biography 2022

Supermodel Lykke May Andersen

Lykke May Andersen biography

Lykke May Andersen was born June 16, 1982, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Summer is May Andersen's favorite time of year in Copenhagen. "There are so many things to do," says May. "We only have three or four hours of darkness in the summer. You can stay out all day and night because it's always light. Sleep? You don't."

Knowing how to cope with little sleep has been necessary because Lykke May Andersen has been quite busy the last few years.

She started as a model at 13 when she was spotted in Copenhagen.

At 20, she is one of the stars of the fashion world, having appeared in ads for Matrix Biolage, BCBG, Victoria's Secret, and J. Crew.

last updated October 2022

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