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Mandy Moore biography

Mandy Moore was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 10, 1984.

From six, Amanda Moore knew she would be a star.

Her family soon moved to Orlando, Florida, where she resides. Moore started singing and acting at nine when she attended a summer musical theater camp.

She also spent seven years performing as a cheerleader for Pop Warner football. Her interest in show business drove her to take voice lessons and audition for plays at local theaters.

With her parents' support, she went on to co-star in a dozen plays. Her route to fame started when she was named the "National Anthem Girl" because she sang The Star-Spangled Banner for all major sports teams and for Chris Evert's Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament. She became involved in national commercials, TV pilots, and voice-overs, including the voice of "Ducky" for the Universal Studios California Land Before Time attraction.

She also entered the fashion world as a model in a Mexican magazine. All this national exposure worried Mandy; she was afraid her friends would be jealous and talk behind her back. But the opposite happened, and she received their full support and still talks to them daily.

While recording a theme song for a TV pilot, she received an offer to complete a full demo from a producer who took notice of her. A talent scout came in when she was recording and sent an unfurnished demo to David McPherson, Senior Vice President of Urban A&R for Epic Records/550. McPherson liked what he heard and immediately flew down to listen to the young star sing. After receiving several other offers, the bright young star decided to sign a deal with Sony Music.

Moore is learning to play the guitar and wants to write her own music. She has seen more of the business than most grown-ups, but it is merely the start of a promising career. 

Favorite actor/actress: Ryan Phillippe and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Favorite artists: Bette Midler, Karen Carpenter, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, and Madonna.
She loves Cotton Candy.
Favorite animal: monkey.
My favorite movie is Are beaches.
Main interests: playing lacrosse, surfing the net, and hanging out with friends.

Her first album title is So Real.

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