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Tara Palmer Tomkinson biography

Tara Palmer Tomkinsonwas born December 23, 1971, in Basingstoke, UK.

She checks herself into US Rehabilitation Clinic (April 29, 1999).

The high society beauty, a close friend of Prince Charles, is having private treatment in the USA. 

Friends say Tara Palmer Tomkinson realized her lifestyle was taking its toll after Tara watched her shambolic appearance on the Frank Skinner show last week. 

Tara thought it was the Frank Butcher show and believed she would be chatting to Mike Reid, who plays the EastEnders character. 

Her rambling comments and odd behavior left Skinner, and the studio audience baffled and embarrassed. 

A pal said: 'Tara has been in the fast lane for too long. Tara finally realizes she needs help.' 

'Tara Palmer has taken a long look at herself and has realized her life is in a mess.' 

'Tara Palmer Tomkinson needs to take a break from the party scene and try to put her life back together again.' 'Everyone is hoping Tara makes a full recovery. Tara needs to re-evaluate the way she lives her life.' 

Shen left her apartment in London's Earls Court and drove to Heathrow Airport yesterday, where she caught a flight to Los Angeles. 

Tara Palmer Tomkinson told bosses at a Sunday newspaper carrying her weekly column that she would not be available to write it for the foreseeable future. 

A spokesman for her said yesterday: ''Tara Palmer Tomkinson is the epitome of party life. 'It is understandable that her social commitments have worn her out.' 'Tara has left the UK for an extended break where she will be taking stock of her situation in light of future career plans.' 

The daughter of landowners Charles Palmer Tomkinson and Patty Palmer-Tomkinson, Tara often accompanies Charles and Princes William and Harry on skiing holidays at The Swiss resort of Klosters. 

Tara Palmer Tomkinson burst onto London's social scene four years ago along with friends Tamara Beckwith and Normandie Keith. Since then, she has been linked with EastEnders actor Sid Owen, former Bros singer Matt Goss and film producer Joe Simon. 

Died February 8, 2017, South Kensington, London, UK. (45 years old)

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