Bob Prince biography 2022

Captain Bob Prince

Bob Prince biography

Captain Bob Prince was another corrupt, incompetent cop in the Henry Lee Lucas case.

Bob Prince was the head of the special Lucas task force that comprised Texas Rangers. Formed in November 1983, the task force was not investigative but meant to make access to Henry Lee Lucas easier for other law enforcement agencies.

Eventually, the task force came under fire for allegations of having coerced, pressured, and promised rewards to Lucas for his confessions.

In the mid-1980s, when the Lucas case fractured, the Rangers dismissed any criticism of them as unfair. They said it was not their job to document Lucas’ actual whereabouts when the crimes in question occurred. “We didn’t feel like that was our responsibility,” said Ranger Bob Prince, head of the task force. He said they were a mere conduit of information, a clearinghouse.

But to accept that, one must ignore the hidden files.

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