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Forrest "Gump" Allgood - "Stupid is as stupid does."

He served as a Mississippi DA from 1989 until 2015, and in that time, he earned a reputation as one of the most aggressive prosecutors in the entire country.

He was a staunch proponent of using now-discredited forensic odontology practices and used this bite-mark evidence to connect Brooks and Brewer to crimes they didn't commit.

Over the years, Allgood came under repeated scrutiny from the public and state officials and was admonished for his vindictive approach to criminal justice. He had a record of misconduct and was known for pursuing severe sentences even for first-time offenders, continually relying on dubious experts and questionable testimony.

For example, even when DNA evidence exonerated Brewer and proved his innocence, Allgood came up with an alternate theory that forced Brewer to remain in prison for another seven years.

In 2015, Allgood was defeated by challenger Scott Colom and lost his post as a state district attorney to the young African American Democrat. 

He continues to live in Mississippi and is involved with community organizing while serving as a director of the YMCA board in Lowndes County.

last updated October 2022

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