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Delia Sheppard biography

Delia Sheppard was born in 1961 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

She is a multi-faceted performer with talents that reflect her path from classical ballet through the glamor catwalks of fashion kings, from the principal dancer in the Revue at the Lido de Paris to the Femme Fatale roles in major Hollywood productions.

Her experience has placed her on film, while her mastery of 5 languages made her the center of attention. 

She exudes Danish coolness, France's refined culture, Sun City's energy, and the professionalism of the Royal Dance Academy.

Delia dominated the dancing waters of the Vegas show "Splash," which shines late at night on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and appears on camera with stars like Sylvester Stallone and directors like Oliver Stone.

Her style synthesizes the fluid movement of the Paris Opera Ballet, the powerful forces of the dancers' muscles and martial arts training, and the films like "The Doors." Delia will grab your attention and give it a playful slap before knocking you back into your chair, blown away by her talent, romanticized by her mystique, and wanting to see more of her.

Delia's ballet studies started at the age of 9, from three seasons as a principal dancer in Sun City, South Africa, to the street style of New York and Cafe Versailles.

She has a passion for flamenco and a sense of jazz, a background in traditional opera, and a flair for contemporary modern works produces on a grand scale with all the glitz of today's Las Vegas.

Delia Sheppard has been in Hollywood after a successful career on stage in Europe, including performing as a principal dancer at the famous Lido de Paris for three years. Paris wasn't all about high kicks, though, as her stunning looks and sensual moves made her a moving frame for the fashions of Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, and Jean-Paul Gaultier for five years in the City of Light and in Milan during seasonal spectaculars.

The small screen has captured her in "Night Court," showcased her gifts on the award-winning "Northern Exposure," and revealed her talents as host of the travel/lifestyle show "360" on the Playboy Channel.

It is the big names and the big films that are the future for her. She co-starred with Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky V" and has worked with director Oliver Stone three times, first in "Born on the Fourth of July," then in "The Doors," and most recently in "Any Given Sunday." . ."

Her five years of Taikwando and two years of Muay Thai Kickboxing secured her an audition opposite Schwarzenegger for "Total Recall" She was considered three times for a lead role in "Basic Instinct."

For this beauty of Danish/Scottish heritage, her past successes are the foundation for tomorrow. 

last updated October 2022

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