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Lisa Snowdon biography

Lisa Snowdon was born in 1974 in Welwyn Garden City, England.

The Hertfordshire beauty was a waitress before emerging from oblivion. Lisa Snowdon moved to London and was spotted by a Premier Model Management agent while shaking her booty in a nightclub.

Lisa has appeared in major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan, as well as the occasional men's magazine, including GQ, Esquire, and FHM.

The latter is a big fan of Lisa as it featured her in calendars and chose Lisa to grace the cover of the 1999 issue of "The Girls of FHM."

But even with Lisa's magazine spreads and her work with foremost photographers such as David Bailey, Nick Knight, Kim Knott, and Andre Rau, Lisa is best known for her commercial work.

In the UK, Lisa Snowdon is known as the model in Kellogg's Special K commercial, while her biggest claim to fame was an ad for Faberge's "Addiction," a steamy perfume commercial. Her other commercial work includes Lynx deodorant, Dove soap, Gossard, Mercedes Benz, and Neutrogena, among many others.

Lisa's most memorable has to be a Martini commercial with her and George Clooney, filmed in Italy. Although the ad was not broadcast on US television, Americans know Lisa as George Clooney's regular girlfriend – or for women – as the girl who stole America's most eligible bachelor. Apparently, Clooney called Lisa Snowdon shortly after filming and invited her back to his place in the US.

They have been seen in public affairs in the US and on Lisa's side of the pond ever since. An Italia Conti School of Performing Arts graduate, Lisa has also taken her talent and beauty to the screen with a starring role in "Man's Best Friend," a Channel 4 short film. She will definitely receive more exposure as host of MTV UK's Select.

She has hosting experience, having worked as a presenter for several streets.TV shows. Amid hosting duties, modeling, and winning the hearts of men everywhere, Lisa Snowdon also released her own album, Spell It Out, in 1997.

Despite a lucrative record deal and a track featured in the famous "Addiction" commercial, the album flopped. Lisa doesn't need the music scene anyway. She only has a potential model career and TV hosting duties up her sleeve.

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