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Summer Altice biography

Despite its name, Summer Altice was not born in the summer but in the winter of 1979, two days before Christmas.

Raised in California, she was an active participant in athletics growing up. Her passion for volleyball led her to San Diego State, where she starred for the team as one of their best hitters. Her devotion to academics and her play on the field earned her an Academic All-WAC mention in 1998.

Although Summer has been offered the opportunity to play in the professional volleyball ranks, a credit to her is her skill and appearance; of course, the latter has brought Summer the most recognition. Her beauty and physique were highlighted in the August 2000 issue of Playboy, where she was named Playmate of the month. She has also appeared in YM and Gear and topless in the French version of Max.

While Summer could bask in the glory of being a cover girl sensation, she has taken her career to the next level by showcasing her acting skills. She had a role in the Showtime series in 2001 and is set to break out in a big way as Kai in the blockbuster prequel The Scorpion King with fellow beauty Kelly Hu and WWF star The Rock.

Summer Altice served as tabloid fodder when she was alleged to have caused the split between Helen Hunt and Hank Azaria when she frolicked poolside with the latter at a party. The rumor was quickly quashed when it was revealed that she was dating Fred Durst. The relationship lasted longer than most expected, but unfortunately, she has since found a new love in Vin Diesel.

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