Trine Michelsen biography 2022

Actress Trine Michelsen

Trine Michelsen biography

Trine Michelsen born on 21 January 1966, Gentofte, Denmark.

Trine lost her mother as early as 3 years old when her mother, Nina Warberg, died in a traffic accident, so Trine was raised by her father, Ole "Bogart" Michelsen.

In 1998 she was in Lars von Trier's Dogme film Idioterne, and in 1999 she was in the film Antenneforeningen.

Trine was only 42 years old; she already got cancer when she was 35, an aggressive bone and lung cancer, and died at 42.

Trine Michelsen died on 17 January 2009 in Copenhagen.

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