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Model Zuleyka Rivera

Zuleyka Rivera biography

Zuleyka Rivera was born October 3, 1987, in Cayey, Puerto Rico.

Zuleyka Rivera knew from an early age that she was destined for a life in the limelight. Though she has always harbored dreams of becoming a world-renowned actress, Zuleyka Rivera found that she possessed the beauty that would make onlookers stop dead in their tracks -- something that certainly intensified as she moved quickly through puberty.

Zuleyka Rivera’s subsequent decision to enter 2006’s Miss Puerto Rico competition didn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone around her. However, nobody was more shocked than Zuleyka when she was announced as the winner of the prestigious competition.

As a result of her victory, Zuleyka Rivera found herself traveling to Los Angeles as Puerto Rico’s official competitor for the title of Miss Universe. The grueling competition found Zuleyka Rivera facing off against beautiful women worldwide.

After dominating runners-up from Japan and Switzerland, she was awarded the crown by presenters Carlos Ponce and Nancy O’Dell. Though her reign ended less than a year later, Zuleyka Rivera wasted little time using her increased notoriety to land other opportunities for herself. Staying true to her childhood desire to become an actress, Zuleyka Rivera made her professional debut in the Spanish-language telenovela Dame chocolate.

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