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Actor Danny Kaye

Danny Kaye biography

Danny Kaye was an American comedian and actor. He began as a stand-up comedian and appeared on Broadway in 1939.

His sporadic film career began in 1944, and highlights were Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) and especially seen through Danish eyes by Hans Christian Andersen (1952).

Danny Kaye incurred general outrage when, during a PR visit to Odense in 1952, at the request of the press photographers, he laid down in H.C. Andersen's bed with the poet's open umbrella in his hand. He was able to reverse this disillusionment with his disarming charm, and over the years, his relationship with Denmark and the Danes were characterized by mutual cordiality.

The linguistic equilibrist and musical Danny Kaye achieved enormous popularity; he received 1954 a unique Oscar for his work and 1963 an Emmy for the television series The Danny Kaye Show (1963-67).

He devoted most of his later life to charity work for UNICEF.

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