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Actress Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie Saint biography

Eva Marie Saint was born July 4, 1924, and was an American actor. Eva Marie Saint was born in New Jersey and graduated in acting from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 1946. She began her career with various roles in television shows and on Broadway.

In 1954, she debuted relatively late in Hollywood with an Oscar-winning role as a vulnerable woman opposite Marlon Brando's tormented main character in Elia Kazan's drama On the Waterfront. She became, among other things, seen in Fred Zinnemann's A Hatful of Rain (1957).

In a later outstanding performance that allowed her to demonstrate double-tied blonde elegance and coolness, Eva Marie Saint was chosen by Alfred Hitchcock to star opposite Cary Grant in the thriller North by Northwest (1959).

The following year, Eva Marie Saint starred in the historical drama Exodus, directed by Otto Preminger, based on Leon Uris's novel, and then got several leading roles, including in the relationship drama Loving (1970).

She then mainly appeared in TV films and series, i.a., in How the West Was Won (1977), Moonlighting (1986-88), and People Like Us (1990), for which she won an Emmy Award.

However, Eva Marie Saint has recently also been seen in, among other things Wim Wenders' Don't Come Knocking (2005) and Bryan Singer's Superman Returns (2006).

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