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Actor Forest Whitaker

Forest Whitaker biography

Forest Whitaker, born July 15, 1961, was an American actor. Forest Whitaker established his name as a low-key supporting star with great gravitas and charisma, e.g., in Oliver Stone's Platoon (1986), and has since also landed leading roles in, e.g., Clint Eastwood's film about Charlie Parker, Bird (1988), and the Oscar-winning role as Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland (2006).

Furthermore, he is remembered for, among other things, Neil Jordan's The Crying Game (1992), Robert Altman's Prêt-à-porter (1994), Jim Jarmusch's Ghost Dog (1999), and David Fincher's Panic Room (2002).

On TV, he has, among other things, starred in the series North and South 1985-86, ER 2006-07, The Shield 2006-07, and Criminal Minds 2010-11.

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