Lauren Bacall biography

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Lauren Bacall biography

Lauren Bacall, 1924-2014, American actress. Lauren Bacall made her debut in Howard Hawks' To Have and Have Not (1944). In the first film, she established her star image of sensual ambiguity and sharp rapping in her interaction with Humphrey Bogart. They married in 1945 and since then recorded several films together, including the film noir films The Big Sleep (1946), Dark Passage (1947), and Key Largo (1948).

Lauren Bacall then played theater and television roles but also appeared in films such as Douglas Sirk's melodrama Written on the Wind (1956), Sidney Lumet's crime film Murder on the Orient Express (1974), and Stephen King's film adaptation Misery (1990 ). She published 1979 the autobiography Lauren Bacall, By Myself.

In her older years, Lauren Bacall can be seen in several significant supporting roles, for example, in Lars von Trier's Dogville (2003) and Manderlay (2005).

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