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Actress Liv Ullmann

Liv Ullmann biography

Liv Ullmann is a Norwegian actor and director. After a theater career in Norway, Liv Ulmann had her international film breakthrough in Persona (1966) by Ingmar Bergman. In the following years, he used her in his analysis of the female mind, e.g., Vargtimmen (1968), Skammen (1968), Viskningar och rop (1972), and Höstsonaten (1978).

Liv Ullmann was the down-to-earth heroine in Jan Troell's Moberg film adaptations Utvandrarna (1971) and Nybyggarna (1972). After a brief interlude in Hollywood, she returned to Bergman in the TV series Scener ur ett äktenskap (1973).

At Det Norske Teatret, she played i.a. in 1974 Nora in Et dukkehjem, a role she repeated in a guest play in New York in 1975.

In 1992 Liv Ullmann debuted as a film director with the Danish Sofie, based on a novel by Henri Nathansen. This was followed by the Norwegian Kristin Lavransdatter (1995) and the Swedish Enskilda Samtal (1996, Personal conversations, TV game), and Trolösa (2000), both with scripts by Bergman.

Liv Ulmann has written the autobiographies Forandringen (1976) and Tidevand (1984).

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