Neil Jordan biography

Film instructor Neil Jordan

Neil Jordan biography

Neil Jordan is an Irish film director and screenwriter.

Jordan had his breakthrough in 1986 with the drama Mona Lisa, set in London's underworld. The film brought Jordan to Hollywood, where he directed High Spirits (1988) and the comedy We're No Angels (1989), although without much success.

In 1992 he returned to Europe and filmed his own short story, The Crying Game, a very well-constructed and complex love story set against the backdrop of the conflict in Northern Ireland. Jordan has since shown his versatility with Interview With the Vampire (1994) based on Anne Rice's (b. 1941) novel, the large-scale Michael Collins (1996) about the tumultuous political events of 1920s Ireland, the gangster film The Good Thief (2002), a remake of Jean-Pierre Melville's Bob le flambeur (1955) and the tragicomic portrayal of a young transvestite in the 1960s and 1970s in Breakfast on Pluto (2005).

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