Spike Lee biography 2022

Spike Lee

Spike Lee biography

Spike Lee, etc. Shelton Jackson Lee, born in 1957, was an American film director, screenwriter, and actor. Lee, who has a background in the black intellectual middle class, revolves his films around racial issues and the identity of black Americans, often in a vital and energetic film style.

Among his most important films is the familiar story She's Gotta Have It (1986), the racism drama Do The Right Thing (1989), and the biographical Malcolm X (1992), which was criticized for its nuanced portrayal of the black civil rights activist, and the complex crime film Clockers (1995).

With Summer of Sam (1999), the race theme took a back seat for the first time, and with 25th Hour (2002), Lee became the first American mainstream director to deal with life in New York in the shadow of the 2001 terrorist attack; Inside Man (2006) is a more conventional heist film.

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