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Actress Claire Forlani

Claire Forlani biography

Claire Forlani was born July 1st, 1972, in Middlesex, U.K.

The daughter of an Italian father and British mother, 11-year-old Claire attended the Arts Educational School in London, where she began her pursuit of being a performer.

The Arts Educational School gave Claire Forlani six years of dance and drama training, which she executed in her stage performances of The Nutcracker Ballet and Orpheus in the Underworld. With a couple of theatre credits under her belt, the actress/dancer got her showbiz to start on British TV.

Claire Forlani was cast in a recurring role on the British television series Press Gang and Shrinks in the early '90s and appeared as Katarina in the film Gypsy Eyes (a.k.a. C.I.A. Trackdown), which required an 11-week shoot in Croatia.

To make it easier for their daughter to land more roles, Mr. and Mrs. Forlani relocated to San Francisco in 1993. It didn't take long for her to penetrate the American market with her first role in a production.

She was cast as Ann Cannon in the mini-series J.F.K.: Reckless Youth in 1993. She appeared on the big screen in the 7th outing of the Police Academy franchise, 1994's Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.

After a minor role in the 30-minute Showtime feature The Gift, Claire Forlani has been allowed to shine in a supporting role in Mallrats. Director Kevin Smith cast Claire as American suburbanite Brandi Svenning and only discovered that she was British after being offered the position.

Finally, in 1996, Claire was offered the role of Sean Connery's estranged daughter Jade in the blockbuster hit, The Rock, sharing the screen with Connery and Nicolas Cage. She also appeared in Basquiat that same year and followed up with a starring role in the independent film, Garage Sale.

She was given a chance to prove herself in the 1997 film The Last Time I Committed Suicide, the critically-acclaimed role that could compensate for her previous good performances in what were simply disappointing films. She also had the confidence to walk off the set of Deep Rising.

In 1998, Claire Forlani co-starred with Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black. The moody film made everyone wonder who the beauty that had won Brad Pitt's heart onscreen was (she had stolen the spirit of John Cusack), and Claire was hailed by Vanity Fair as one of 1998's up-and-comers.

That year Claire Forlani also starred in Basil with Christian Slater and the comedy Into My Heart (a.k.a. Elements).

The following year Claire joined an A-list cast for the film Mystery Men and co-starred with Freddie Prinze Jr. in Boys and Girls. She can be seen in the thriller Anti-Trust, co-starring Ryan Phillippe and Rachael Leigh Cook, and the comedy Going Greek.

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