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Demi Moore biography

Demi Moore was born on November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico, USA.

Not only was her family poverty-stricken, but her family life was not much to cheer about. The childhood of the future soap opera actress was a drama in itself.

By the time Demi Moore was 18, Demi's family had experienced divorce, poverty, alcoholism, and suicide. Before she was born, her father left the family, and her mother married Danny Guynes, a newspaper ad salesman. His dangerous job forced the family to move around from time to time, and the money he earned was lost to gambling.

To add to Demi Moore's less-than-positive upbringing, her lopsided condition, which was finally corrected thanks to two surgeries, didn't help her much. After her surgery, Demi used her looks to earn some money modeling in Europe (having dropped out of high school) and put her now trademark raspy voice to work as a fundraising agent.

Her year at 18 was marked by a funeral and a wedding. Her father committed suicide while Demi married rock musician Freddy Moore, who was twelve years her senior. Her short-lived marriage did more than turn Demi into Mrs. Moore; this is what led her to pursue an acting career.

Demi and Freddy lived next door to actress Nastassja Kinski, who inspired Demi to become an actress. Demi Moore got her start as an actress on the soap opera General Hospital (which also later launched Vanessa Marcil's career).

After a couple of unsuccessful films, Demi left the soap in 1984 after appearing as Michael Caine's daughter in Blame It On Rio. That same year, Demi Moore joined the Brat Pack with a role in St. Elmo's Fire.

While playing a dual role as a cocaine addict, both on and off screen, she kicked the habit after receiving an ultimatum from the film's director. The 80s were marked by an engagement to Emilio Estevez, a marriage to Bruce Willis, and a few more film roles, but none as memorable as her role in Ghost.

Her star rose to the top of the box office following the commercial and critical success of the 1990s romantic Ghost. Her role in the courtroom drama A Few Good Men, starring Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise, secured her position in Hollywood and fans forgive her for her parts in Mortal Thoughts, Nothing But Trouble, and The Butcher's Wife.

In 1994, Demi Moore starred in Indecent Proposal, which earned her an MTV Movie Award for Best On-Screen Kiss. That same year, she starred alongside Michael Douglas in Disclosure, where her physical assets were revealed to audiences worldwide.

A string of box office disappointments followed, with The Scarlet Letter, Now and Then, and The Juror. The buzz and hype surrounding her film Striptease was the only reason to flock to the cinemas - well, apart from the apparent fact that Demi played a stripper.

This was the film that placed Demi among the highest-paid female actresses, with a salary of $12.5 million. After her role in Striptease, Demi faded from the limelight, only to re-emerge with a role in G.I. Jane and a much-publicized separation from her husband of 11 years, Bruce Willis.

Demi Moore is not only an actress but also an avid doll collector who hopes to open a doll museum and a businesswoman one day.

Not to mention the mother of her three daughters with Bruce Willis - Rumer Glenn, Scout LaRue, and Tallulah Belle.

Her time in the limelight is also due to her behavior in the media. She appeared nude in the 80s for Oui magazine and twice on the cover of Vanity Fair; once while I was 7 months pregnant and another time covered in body paint.

Demi Moore also appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman before the release of Striptease, with nothing but a bikini and top ten chart cards covering her, successfully disproving rumors that she is too fat to appear in the movie.

And just as the media hype died down, she once again proved to audiences that she was fit enough to star as a Marine in G.I. Jane, doing one-arm pushups on the Late Show.

Demi returns to the spotlight after a 3-year hiatus, this time in this summer's Passion of Mind. Demi Moore is known for her movie roles as much as her media antics and personal life.

She may have stayed out of the limelight in recent years, but her rise from a drug- and suicidal youth to her success and status as one of the highest-paid female actresses is a fairytale.

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