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Julia Roberts was born in Smyrna, Georgia, on October 28, 1967. The daughter of a salesman and a church secretary, Julia isn't the only Roberts sibling to pursue an acting career. Her genes and sister were also aspiring actors, albeit not as famous as Julia - in fact, few know their names.

As a 17-year-old girl with big dreams, Julia Roberts headed to the Big Apple to join her actress sister. Julia started as a model to earn a living and took acting classes on the side to perfect her craft.

She finally got her big break after her brother, actor Eric Roberts, convinced a director to cast his little sister in the movie Blood Red. 4 years passed between the production of Blood Red and its release.

During that time, Julia found television work on such series as Crime Story. In the late 80s, she got roles in the films Satisfaction and Mystic Pizza. Her role in the latter did not go unnoticed, and audiences and critics would soon remember her name, Julia Roberts.

In 1989, Oscar recognized Julia's work in Steel Magnolias by honoring her with a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

However, no role to date approached the success of Pretty Woman. Julia's portrayal of prostitute Vivian Ward was so flawless that it seemed like the part was written for her. This performance earned her a second Academy Award nomination for Best Actress and cemented Julia as a Hollywood star.

After Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts' success at the box office continued with the thrillers Sleeping With The Enemy and Flatliners, but then her film career turned for the worse.

Dying Young and Steven Spielberg's Peter Pan adaptation Hook were box office and critical disasters. While her film career saw highs and lows, her romantic life took a similarly bumpy ride.

Her wedding to Kiefer Sutherland was called off just days before the set date, and just a few days later, she was romantically linked to actor Jason Patric. At this time, Julia Roberts was amid a two-year hiatus from film, broken for a brief cameo in Robert Altman's The Player. Her 1993 role in The Pelican Brief, starring Denzel Washington, marked her comeback.

The following years were marked by hits such as Everyone Says I Love You and Something to Talk About, alongside misses such as Ready To Wear, I Love Trouble, and Mary Reilly. In 1997, Julia Roberts, whom everyone loved, was back in complete form.

Her role in the summer hit My Best Friend's Wedding earned her a Golden Globe nomination and marked the start of a new kind of success for Julia. That same year, she starred alongside Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory. Stepmother also did well, but it was Julia Roberts' only project in 1998.

The following year, she came back with a vengeance with two summer blockbusters: Notting Hill, in the role of a famous movie actress, and Runaway Bride. But Julia Roberts' role in 2000 as a single mother who takes over a massive business in Erin Brockovich launched Julia to the next level. This job thrust Julia into the $20 million club, alongside Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey, and earned her a Best Actress Oscar and SAG Award.

While 2001 brought disappointments in the form of The Mexican and America's Sweethearts, Her career has remained chiefly steady with successes. This stability comes thanks to Steven Soderbergh, who has cast Julia in Erin Brockovich and Ocean's Eleven (2001), among others.

Julia's 2004 resume includes Ocean's Twelve and the drama Closer. After a three-year romance with actor Benjamin Bratt, Julia Roberts began seeing cinematographer Daniel Moder. They were married in a midnight ceremony on July 4, 2002. Julia gave birth to twins in early 2005.

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