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Biography of Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda was born in New York, USA, on February 23, 1940.

His father, Henry Fonda, was for several decades one of the stars and became, among other things, honored with an Oscar.

His sister Jane Fonda can also reflect on a film career that brought her two Oscar statuettes. Today she is best known as a political activist and author.

Although Peter never achieved the same status in Hollywood as his father or older sister Jane Fonda, he is remembered for his breakthrough in 1969 in the film "Easy Rider," where he starred alongside Dennis Hopper and Jack Nicholson. The American Film Institute has ranked the film as one of the 100 best.

Peter Fonda suffered from lung cancer for several years and died peacefully at home in Los Angeles on August 16. He lived to be 79 years old and left behind his wife and two children, including Bridget Fonda, who also went on to become an actress.

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