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Actress Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda biography

Jane Fonda (Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda) was born on December  21, 1937, in New York City, New York, USA.

American actress, daughter of Henry Fonda, and sister of Peter Fonda.

Jane Fonda began as an ingénue in the 1960s American comedy, for example, in the western comedy Cat Ballou (1965), and had a detour to French films, e.g., as the butt girl in her then-husband Roger Vadim's Barbarella (1968), before her breakthrough as a character actor in Sydney Pollack's They Shoot Horses Don't They? (1969) based on Horace McCoy's novel.

Up through the 1970s, Jane Fonda became one of Hollywood's big stars, who often got involved in political issues, and played important roles in, for example, Alan J. Pakula's Klute (1971), Julia (1977) and Hal Ashby's drama Coming Home (1978) about the human consequences of the Vietnam War. She became an active producer with the successful The China Syndrome (1979) and Nine to Five (1981).

In 1981, she published the aerobics book Jane Fonda's Workout Book with great success and followed it up with cassette tapes and video films that amplified the fitness wave.

In the 1990s, when Jane Fonda was married to TV director Ted Turner (they were married from 1991-2001), she took a film break, but she returned in 2005 to the romantic comedy Monster-in-Law.

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