Rie Rasmussen biography 2022

Rie Rasmussen

Rie Rasmussen biography

Rie Rasmussen was born on 14 February 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

One of her best friends is Rebecca Romijn.

Rie Rasmussen's career is managed by 1 Management in NY and Why Not in Milan.

Rie is Victoria's Secret model and emerged as the sexiest supermodel during the Victoria's Secret Lingerie Fashion Show in 2001.

When Rie hits the catwalk, she likes to portray a character. She says it's a lot like performing for her.

Rie is the world-famous face of Gucci.

Her big break in the movies came when she was cast as Veronica in Brian De Palma's erotic thriller Femme Fatale.

last updated October 2022

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