Viggo Mortensen biography 2022

Actor Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen biography

Viggo Mortensen was born October 20, 1958, in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Danish-American Viggo Mortensen started his career by taking acting lessons in New York and quickly became a Hollywood actor who was often noticed but could not consistently be named.

A relationship with the role of Aragorn changed utterly. With his impressive appearance and presence, he added the character of Lord of the Rings qualities that led to comparisons with Harrison Ford.

After staying in Venezuela, Argentina, and Denmark, he suddenly gained a star status that seemed far from the shy actor and artist's demeanor and even further from his time as a truck driver in Esbjerg.

Before the hero role in the fairy tale trilogy, he mainly played mean roles and gave, for example, Demi Moore a hard time in 'G. I. Jane '.

With a Danish father and an American mother, Viggo Mortensen is still a Danish citizen and stays in Denmark for three weeks a year.

last updated October 2022

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