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Nicole Kidman biography

Nicole Mary Kidman was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on June 20, 1967.

The Kidman family lived in the United States because Nicole's biochemistry father was researching breast cancer. When Nicole was 4 years old, her family moved to Australia, where Nicole and her younger sister were raised under strict rules. Anthony and Janelle Kidman were politically active and instilled specific values ​​in their daughters.

The Kidman girls were required to discuss a political issue with their parents at the end of each day.

As hard as it is to believe, Nicole felt extremely awkward and out of place while growing up. Although today her statuesque figure is part of her beauty, as a child, her figure was not proportional, and she stood at a lanky height compared to her classmates. Her pale complexion didn't make matters any better for young Nicole. Uncomfortable with her awkward physique, Nicole sought refuge in acting and drama.

She regularly attended the Philip Street Theater in Sydney, where future director Jane Campion, a film student at the time, was impressed by Nicole's acting skills. Her love of ballet and performing arts and Jane Campion's words of encouragement were enough for Nicole to know that acting was her calling.

Nicole made her acting debut in 1983 in the Australian film Bush Christmas. She made a lasting impression on her fellow Australians, who watch the movie on TV every December. By the time she dropped out of high school to pursue a full-time acting career and care for her mother, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, Nicole had already become a star Down Under.

She quickly gained worldwide recognition in the United States when she starred in the 1989 thriller Dead Calm. Nicole grew into her figure and became the red-haired beauty we know today, and Nicole then appeared in the film Days of Thunder, which would shape her life in more ways than one.

She stole co-star Tom Cruise's heart on and off-screen in the racing car movie. The couple married after a brief courtship in 1990 and remain happily married. Although Nicole's following roles in films such as Billy Bathgate, Far and Away (with then-hubby Tom Cruise), My Life, and Malice did not fare as well at the box office, the actress still climbed to become one of Hollywood's hottest commodities. In 1995, Nicole secured her A-list status with her critically acclaimed performance in the dark film To Die For.

Her role as the journalist swept aside all doubts that Nicole was just another actress - her performance was one of the most respected of the year and earned her the award for best actress at the Golden Globes. As the female Batman and the sexy love interest in the summer blockbuster Batman Forever, Nicole stole many men's and film critics' hearts.

The following years were marked by a starring role in Jane Campion's film adaptation of The Portrait of a Lady; a co-starring role in DreamWorks' first feature film, The Peacemaker, opposite George Clooney; and her collaboration with Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy Practical Magic. Nicole and Tom starred as husband and wife in the psychosexual drama Eyes Wide Shut, classic director Stanley Kubrick's final film. The long-awaited movie received mixed reviews, despite taking most of 1997 to film.

Returning to her theatrical roots, Nicole starred in the Broadway production of The Blue Room, which garnered her rave reviews and a Theater World Award. Continuing their reign as one of Hollywood's most potent and photogenic couples, Nicole and Tom are parents to two adopted children, Isabella Jane, and Connor Anthony.

They are members of the Church of Scientology, along with Hollywood couple John Travolta, Kelly Preston, and actress Jenna Elfman. Nicole will next appear in the films Birthday Girl and Moulin Rouge, while Criminal Conversation and a film adaptation of Berlin Diaries are still in the works. Nicole's husband of 10 years, Tom Cruise, filed for divorce in February 2001, prompting the news that Nicole suffered a miscarriage in early 2001.

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