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Actress Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth biography

Shannon Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1976, in Houston, Texas.

Her exotic appearance can be attributed to her father being part Syrian and Lebanese, while her mother is of English, French, and Cherokee Indian descent. Shannon's parents decided to move to Waco, Texas when Shannon was a small child.

She claimed not to be part of the popular group in what she described as a cliquey school, and Shannon was very involved in most after-school activities. Shannon was part of the student council leadership and participated in volleyball and cheerleading.

However, her main interest in high school was tennis, which she considered turning a professional. Her life took an unexpected turn during her senior year when she starred in a video that a local band was filming. The producer believed that Shannon had what it took to become a model and convinced her and her parents to go to New York to take some photos.

When Shannon Elizabeth graduated from high school in 1991, she moved to New York, where a modeling agency was waiting for Shannon to graduate and begin her modeling career. While she did some modeling in New York, Shannon worked in countries like France, Japan, Hong Kong, and Milan.

Although working abroad was an excellent experience, Shannon Elizabeth admits to feeling homesick. When she returned to the United States, she spent a few months in South Beach, Miami, before moving to Los Angeles.

Ready to start her pursuit of an acting career, she hesitated to go to L.A. immediately, as she recognized the amount of competition among young budding actresses. When she went to L.A., Shannon signed with the Ford Modeling Agency, figuring that getting some of her photos done would help her get into acting.

She later signed with Elite Model Management. It didn't take long for Shannon Elizabeth to land her first commercial - for Taco Bell - and she decided to stay in L.A. and joined an acting class. Soon after, the roles came on T.V. and in films. She appeared in the T.V. series Hang Time, Pacific Blue, My Generation, Step By Step, Blade Squad, USA High, and My Generation.

In 1997, Shannon Elizabeth played in the film Jack Frost and Dish Dogs shortly after. Her role in American Pie as Czech exchange student Nadia launched her fame and career.

Shannon lives with her boyfriend, Joe Reitman, and her six dogs.

She enjoys playing with her dogs, going to the gym, and practicing yoga in her spare time. A big fan of Garth Brooks and Prodigy, her favorite actors are Michelle Pfeiffer and Gary Oldman.

Shannon, a recent Maxim and Details cover girl, is Enrique Iglesias' love interest in the video for his song "Be With You."

She is soon seen in this summer's horror film spoof, Scary Movie, starring Carmen Electra. You can catch Shannon later this year in the movie Tom Cats, which certainly won't be the last we see of Shannon.

last updated October 2022

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