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Famke Janssen biography

Famke Janssen born November 5, 1965 Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She was an economics student at the University of Amsterdam and a model before hitting the big leagues as a Hollywood actress.

She lived in Amsterdam with her parents and two sisters until 1984, when she decided to move to New York City and pursue a modeling career. Although she signed with the Elite modeling agency, she continued her studies at Columbia University, where she majored in writing and literature.

While a student, she decided to try acting and took acting lessons with Harold Guskin. She wanted to pursue an acting career, so she moved to Los Angeles, the hub of aspiring actors.

There she continued to take acting lessons and finally landed her first on-screen film role in the 1992 film "Fathers and Sons." More film roles did not flow, probably due to the film's poor performance, but Famke was offered a position in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The Dutch beauty, who almost foreshadowed her role as a superhero in X-Men, played the role of Kamala, the menacing "metamorph." With an appearance on Melrose Place in 1994 and a part in the made-for-TV movie Model By Day that same year.

After a female lead role in the film Lord of Illusions, Famke Janssen received the coveted role of Bond girl Xenia Onatopp. This Soviet mafia assassin crushes her victims to death with her thighs. Her role in the 1995 Bond film "Golden Eye" opposite Pierce Brosnan was a box office success and can be considered the breakthrough role that made audiences and the film industry more aware of her talents.

It also earned her an MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Fight Scene in a Motion Picture. Despite the film's success and the role of Bond girls Michelle Yeoh and Denise Richards, Famke feared she would be cast as the femme fatale. For this reason, she decided to work on more independent films than mainstream ones.

In the years that followed, Famke had roles in the following films: Dead Girl, R.P.M., City of Industry, Snitch; The Leading Man, co-star of Mission: Impossible 2's Thandie Newton; Rounders, opposite Matt Damon and Edward Norton; and The Faculty, which also starred Salma Hayek. She also had a role in Woody Allen's film, Celebrity.

Famke has written a screenplay but hasn't done anything with it yet. Famke is fluent in German, French, English, and Dutch and claims to be a big fan of authors such as The Bronte sisters and Vladimir Nabokov.

As an actress, Famke prefers to play roles like characters from novels, as they have more depth. Although X-Men is a film adapted from a comic book series rather than a story, this film will undoubtedly increase Famke's star quality as mind-reading Jean Grey.

Famke joins fellow superheroes Rebecca Romijn and Halle Berry. The film not only reunites her with her Star Trek co-star Patrick Stewart, but it's also sure to make everyone aware of Famke's superpowers as an actress.

Famke was married to director Todd "Kip" Williams, who directed her in the film The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, but they are reportedly separated. Once the X-Men hype dies, be sure to catch Famke in her next film, Love and Sex, starring Jon Favreau. She will also star in Favreau's Made, with swingers Favreau and Vince Vaughn.

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